Milestone Stickers


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Our goal at Grace and Grit is to help you reach YOUR goals! Track your healthy habit and let us join you to celebrate reaching each milestone toward your goal with these fun stickers - great for run streaks, water goals, and everything in between!

This 5x8 inch sticker sheet includes 24 stickers that are each about ¾ inch tall and 1 ¼ inch wide. They are UV resistant and waterproof, making them perfect for waterbottles, cars, or journals.

Each sheet includes:

  • 1 Grace and Grit logo sticker
  • 20 stickers counting from 50-1000 in increments of 50
  • 3 milestone day stickers for 21 (habit is formed), 365 (1 year), and 730 (2 years)




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