12 Days of Deals - Day 5

Sara Middleton

Posted on December 11 2018

Grace and Grit Christmas 12 Days of Deals Day 5 banner

On the 5th Day of Deals, my fit fam gave to me...


Buy 4 items get the 5th free


5 Angel Wing Tricep Dips

4 Superman Snow Angels

3 Reindeer Kicks

2 Christmas Pie Push-ups

1 Peppermint Stick Plank


Happy Hump Day!

Stuck in a holiday slump? Don't let the season stress you out! Stay're almost there!

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Check out our 5 tips for de-stressing below. But, first - the ultimate endorphins: online shopping and SALES! Buy 4 items from Grace and Grit today and your 5th item is free! We make it easy - no code needed, just add the items to your cart and the discount is automatically applied!


Now, without further ado:


G&G 5 Tips for De-stressing this Holiday Season:

1. Send the kids to their grandparents (in our "Stroller Squad" kids' shirt, of course)!

2. Run as fast as you can! Seriously...are we the only ones who love a good sprint around the block? After all, "Medals are a Girl's Best Friend", right?

3. What's the saying..."shopping is my cardio"? Sure! We can get onboard with that! It can be tough finding time to squeeze in a workout everyday during the holidays, but every step counts! Knock out two birds with one stone and get your shopping and exercise done at once! "I Worked Out Like This"...literally! :)

4. Give yourself some GRACE! Like, seriously...feet up on the couch, comfy clothes on, NETFLIX streaming. Our "Made Strong Through Grace and Grit" tank is perfect for lounging!

5. Stay energized and treat yourself to a big ol' cup of mom fuel in our "Strong Mom Strong Coffee" mug! It's out of stock right now but will be back next week! And we hear there may be a giveaway for one today...stay tuned!


So, how do you beat stress? Any other favorite tips?


Don't forget to join in for the Day 5 exercise as part of i am STRONG like MOM's FREE 12 Days of Christmas full body workout! We'll add 1 move each day and will have completed all of them together by the end of the 12 days.

Today looks like this...

5 Angel Wing Tricep Dips

4 Superman Snow Angels

3 Reindeer Kicks (crab kicks)

2 Christmas Pie Push Ups (triangle push ups)

1 Peppermint Stick Plank (30 seconds)


i am STRONG like MOM Free 12 days of Christmas Full Body Workout Day 5 Angel Wing Tricep Dips


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Keep moving!



P.S. Here's what deals are coming up next:

Grace and Grit Christmas 12 Days of Deals Day 5 Summary


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