12 Days of Deals - Day 12

Sara Middleton

Posted on December 18 2018

12 Days of Deals - Day 12



On the 12th Day of Deals, my fit fam gave to me...


25% off the entire site


12 Santa Squat Jumps

11 Snowy Mountain Climbers

10 Light Show Squats

9 Sleigh Ride Squats

8 Tinsel Twists

7 Gingerbread Jacks

6 Star Jumps

5 Angel Wing Tricep Dips

4 Superman Snow Angels

3 Reindeer Kicks

2 Christmas Pie Push-ups

1 Peppermint Stick Plank


Final day of deals!

TODAY is your last chance to get Grace and Grit gear in time for Christmas, and we're making it easy with 25% off EVERYTHING and free shipping! Just use promo code DAY12 at checkout. But hurry! This really is your last chance - seriously!

Grace and Grit Final Day to Order for Christmas Announcement

Don't forget to join in for final day of i am STRONG like MOM's FREE 12 Days of Christmas full body workout! We're doing the entire workout today! Start with Day 1 and then move on to each day, repeating the previous days (just like the song):

1 Peppermint Stick Plank (30 seconds)
2 Christmas Pie (triangle) Push Ups
3 Reindeer (crab) Kicks
4 Superman Snow Angels
5 Angel Wing Tricep Dips
6 Star Jumps
7 Gingerbread (Jumping) Jacks
8 Tinsel (Russian) Twists
9 Sleigh Ride (sumo) Squats
10 Light Show Lunges
11 Snowy Mountain Climbers
12 Santa Squat Jumps
i am STRONG like MOM Free 12 Days of Christmas Full Body Workout Day 12 Santa Squat Jumps


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Keep moving!



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